LUMATEQ's mission is to provide eco-conscious, energy-saving, cost-efficient lighting solutions at outstanding values. In today's mindful economy, we are helping to change the way America illuminates its homes and businesses with innovative architectural, landscape, marine, security and rechargeable products.

LUMATEQ is a division of TACO Metals, Inc., a leader in marine, architectural and specialty manufacturing. In its 50+ years in business, TACO has earned a reputation for delivering innovative, top-quality products and superior customer service at competitive prices. All products are made with Grade A materials and tested to quality standards that include performance, longevity and durability that meet and exceed our customers expectations.

LUMATEQ offers the latest in cutting-edge LED technology delivering a complete spectrum of energy-efficient, high-quality and affordable lighting solutions that meet a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Join the wave of the future with LUMATEQ's high-performance, economical and GREEN LED lighting solutions. They will save you money now and over the long term.